Friday, 16 April 2010

In The Garden

This week something very unusual happened in my garden.
The sun came out!
For the past few days it has actually been warm enough for me to grab my laptop and work outside. Last summer was completely miserable weather-wise, so it was great to finally get out there and enjoy a bit of nature.

But nature - I soon remembered - can be very distracting.

Firstly, there are bees everywhere this year. Not small, delicate honey bees. No. I'm talking about gigantic bumblebees in fluffy fur coats that you can hear coming a full minute before they fly in over the fence.
I like bees, but it's hard to ignore them zipping past your ears when they have a buzz like an incoming jet engine.

Then there are my dogs, who react to every scratch, whistle and knock from gardens miles away and love nothing better than a good loud bark.

And lastly there is this little guy.
Ninja cat.
The cat I never see coming.
His trademark move involves prowling up and mewing suddenly from behind the bluebells, demanding a pat and an ear scratch.
He is the cat that will not ignored (and who could resist those eyes?)

I don't know who he belongs to, but when he's not skulking about he is busy being a furry daredevil - strutting across the garden and daring the dogs to give chase.

The garden may not be the best place to work after all, but I have no intention of letting the sunshine go to waste. There is still no place better to sit with a coffee and a book, and that is exactly where you will find me on Sunday.

If the weather stays fine...


  1. I love the cat pick and this post x

  2. Sunshine does seem to help cheer everyone up! You can smell the potential in the warm rays.