Wednesday, 7 April 2010

On The Starting Blocks...

Today is an exciting day!

These purple stacks of loveliness are UK early reading copies of Wintercraft - each one ready and waiting to make their way out into the world and invade unsuspecting bookshelves.

Am I excited? Just a little.

Thanks in advance to everyone who reads and reviews the book.

Keep your eyes peeled for the postman.
One of these could be with you very soon.

(image taken from @Red_Books via Twitter)


  1. Great news!!!
    And of course I'm excited!! I really hope I will get one :)) So there will be still enough time to read and review it.

  2. Congratulations!! It must be so exciting to see them ready to go out!

  3. Dude! How awesome. We are all - reviewers and readers - incredibly excited to get to read them, but also because this is your big THING!

    Thanks for hanging out with us!

  4. I've requested one :) I'm waiting eagerly by my doormat. Well, in my mind I am.

  5. It's a very strange feeling, seeing them all stacked up together before they go their separate ways.

    Will they survive the perils of the postal system?

    Will they make it to their final destinations?

    Good luck books!