Sunday, 4 April 2010


After months of chattering away on Twitter I've finally taken the plunge and started my very first blog! There's not much to see right now, but it won't be long before I get into the swing of things. Please bear with me until I get a feel of the place.

My main reason for starting this blog is to say hello! *waves*

There are just 40 days until Wintercraft is published in the UK (hurrah!) and I wanted somewhere I could write about its journey into the world without being restricted to a line or two.

The official Wintercraft website will be up and running soon at You can download chapter one of the book there if you fancy a sneak peek, or you can view the book trailer via the link on this page.

If you haven't met Kate Winters or Silas Dane yet, I hope you enjoy spending time with them in Albion as much as I do.

Expect pictures, news, and lots of completely non-book related ramblings to invade this blog over the coming weeks.

You have been warned... :)


  1. Welcome to Blogger, Cant wait to read your posts. I read the first chapter Of Wintercraft and its amazing! xx

  2. Hello! *waves back*

    Congratulations on your new blog I'm now following you here as well as Twitter (that makes me sound like a stalker!) and I have your Coubtdown widget on my FB page

    Really looking forward to reading Wintercraft It looks exactly my kind of book !

  3. Welcome to the world of Blogging Jenna *waves*, I'll be popping back regularly :D

  4. Welcome to Blogger! Can't wait to read Wintercraft. :D

    ~ Amanda Makepeace

  5. Thanks for the great welcome everyone!

  6. Just caught this through twitter! Looks great! Good luck, Jenna!

  7. Cool blog Jenna! Excited about Wintercraft! Now you'll discover how addictive blogging is!

  8. Excellent, well done. So looking forward to reading more and reading Wintercraft. xx

  9. Welcome to blogging!! I've only been doing it myself for a month or so, but it's been tons of fun so far :)

    (Cute pup by the way :)

  10. Hi Jenna, a warm welcome.
    What a wonderful day. Today I started my first book blog. I would be glad to review Wintercraft over at Edi's Book Lighthouse