Tuesday, 13 April 2010

You Are Cordially Invited...

...to visit Wintercraft's brand new online home! - www.wintercraft.co.uk

There you will find book news, reviews and a sneak preview of important characters and places in Kate Winters' world. There's also an author section, downloads and even a competition to win copies of the book!

Thanks to the team at Headline for putting the site together (particularly Angie Solomon - website wrangler extraordinaire).
I also want to say a big thank you to the reviewers who feature on the site - Jasmin, Katie & Jenny (thank you, ladies) and of course the Askews newsletter!

Keep checking the site for news updates and details of upcoming events. I may be visiting a town near you very soon & it would be a pleasure to meet you.


  1. Well done! The new home of Wintercraft looks great!

  2. Hi Jenna!

    I just wanted to say that the Wintercraft homepage looks awesome!

  3. I loved the Wintercraft website and I even entered the contest. But I didn't find a way to contact you. Do you have an email for bloggers to pester you with interview questions?


  4. Hi Perla.

    That is an excellent question!

    I've now added a contact button to make it easier for bloggers & readers to reach me directly. Just click on 'Summon A Crow' and a contact form will open up.

    I will try to answer any queries and interview requests sent via the crow as soon as I can.

    Feel free to pester away!