Monday, 3 May 2010

Doing What You Love

Summer is really starting here. The rabbits are out enjoying the garden. Maisie, Belle and Nella are running about in the sun and every one of them looks happy - just doing what they really love to do.
Which made me think...

Humans are often a lot more restrained in how we spend our time. We might want to go and run in the sun, but we don't. We do something else instead. We spend our day - busy busy busy - then the sun goes down or clouds drift over and we have missed our chance. The same goes for anything we put off in favour of something 'more important'.
Often we put off doing things that we love.

I love playing the flute, but I don't practice nearly enough. And I love sitting in a shady part of the garden, reading books beneath the giant trees.
What do you love?
Make time for it this month. Have some more fun!
May is a great month to put a little more happiness in your life.


  1. I'm learning to play the Piano (even though technically speaking I'm practising on a keyboard and sometimes run out of keys) but I really enjoy it - still I should practice a little more often, speaking of which I have a lesson tonight :)

  2. I love tap dancing and consider it my moment of least restraint. The moment where my feet dance to their own tune beating a rhythm around a wide open wooden floored hall. This is my internal 'run in the sun!' And long may it continue.

  3. Playing the piano and dance... what fantastic ways to enrich your lives! Both are very technical and have exactly the same aim - to create something beautiful.
    I hope you both enjoy them for a long time to come.