Saturday, 12 June 2010

Help For Badgers

If you are from the UK, you may have heard about the badger cull that is meant to start very soon in parts of Wales.

You can read more about the cull here... but the basic idea is that killing badgers may (or may not) help to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis in cattle.

Many people are opposed to the killing - including me - and the Badger Trust is mounting a legal challenge against it.

If you would like to follow this story or get more information, please take a look at the Badger Trust website at You can even make a donation to the Badger Trust to support its work protecting badgers by following a link at the bottom of their homepage or by clicking here.

I see no reason to trap and shoot wild animals that are protected by law, especially when there is little to no evidence that such an action would even have any effect on bovine TB.

There is also talk of extending the cull to areas of England. So wherever you live in the UK, if you want to help badgers please follow this story, donate if you can and let's all hope that badger killing remains illegal so that these amazing animals can be protected once again.

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