Sunday, 5 September 2010

Back To School: Writer-Style

When September arrives, I can't help feeling a little bit envious of all the students heading back to school for a new term. Not that I'd want to lug a school bag around and trudge through the rain to face the endless horror that was P.E. - *shivers* - but because September means just one thing for me: stationery shopping.

Who else couldn't wait to stock up on pens, pencils and cases for the new school year?  Would you go for a soft pencil case, or choose a pencil tin so you could scratch names and pictures into it with the tip of a compass point? Did you pick black biros or blue, splash out on a fountain pen or go completely wild and add paperclips and correction fluid to your shopping list?

The first day back at school may not have been exciting in itself, but who can honestly say that they did not get a secret glow from having a clutch of new stationery in their bag?

Maybe it's just me, but I love it.

So, this week I have embraced the school spirit once again and restocked my stationery supplies. Pride of place goes to a purple fountain pen (which has its own special place upon the desk) and the best buy has to be a pack of pencils, which I intend to sharpen in my brand new automatic pencil sharpener whenever I need to use them.

Who else is stocking up?
Share your secret love!
Stationery lovers unite!


  1. Stationery = Best Thing Ever.
    I can't get enough. I have secret hoard of pretty notebooks that are too special to write in (bonkers!). And the New York trip has just been one big excuse for more...I'll need a fabulous note book that fits in my handbag and a new pen that won't leak. Brilliant.

  2. I'll admit, I do exactly the same thing with notebooks. Sometimes writing in them would spoil them, surely? :)

    Maybe you should wait until you get to New York before hitting the shops. I would imagine the stationery departments in NYC would be very like the toy shop in Home Alone 2 - vast & wondrous. I could get lost for days!


  3. I like different coloured pens and spend ages in shops finding ones with unusual ink. Silver, gold, ink with sparkles. Then I need something to put them in. Pen pots rule my desk and I'm never short of something pretty to write with!