Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snapsnots Of My Snowy World

The snow here is getting thicker and showing no sign of melting away.

Our resident robin is more than happy to pose for pictures whenever a camera is in sight.

Nella doesn't know quite know what to make of it all.

Maisie is enjoying rolling about and digging holes in the snow piles.

The local pigeons wait patiently on the roof, hoping to snaffle some seed...

...and the world is a wonderfully white, wintery place.

Is it snowing where you are?


  1. Beautiful! Sadly, the sun hasn't come out, so all the snow looks a bit grey and drab. But at least we've got snow!

  2. your dogs look so cute all covered in snow! ^^
    we had snow all last week, so i missed 4 days of school! yay! :D

  3. Aww those photos look stunning. I love the robin one. It's gorgegous. x