Sunday, 6 February 2011

Defending What Matters

Is it me?  Or is England going just a little bit crazy?

If you have read my older posts on this blog, you might remember the badger cull that was planned in Wales last year.  Not long after that, in September 2010, England decided that, hey, that sounds like a good idea, why don't we have a badger cull too?

Now, in 2011, there are proposals being put forward calling for a cull on crows, magpies and other corvids because they pose 'a threat' to songbird populations.  Crows etc. are such a tiny threat compared to human-based problems like, intensive farming, loss of natural habitat... but wait! Why not trap and shoot a group of birds that no one will really miss and call it wildlife conservation?  That will solve the problem, won't it?  Craziness.

The current government is planning to sell English forests into private hands and just last month a coniferous forest near me was sold to a consultancy firm based in London. If forests are sold off, who knows what this could mean for wildlife and plantlife in the long run?  Who will keep an eye upon what goes on within them?

Not that some local councils are much better.  In West Sussex, an oil company has discovered oil beneath the ancient woodland of Markwells Wood and they are being allowed to extract it, even though it is part of the South Downs National Park.
Elsewhere, this lady who runs an animal rescue is being evicted from her land near Maidstone because her home causes 'visual harm to the character and appearance of the area'.  Really? A little white house?  I wonder what Maidstone Council would think of oil drilling machinery being set up nearby?

It just feels like common sense is being thrown out of the window.

Yesterday was 'Save Our Libraries Day' across the UK in response to the threat of many public libraries being closed down in a bid to save council money at the cost of peoples' free access to books and information.

Not everyone has access to the internet, and not everything published on the internet is reliable.  If we take away libraries as a resource, we will be limiting peoples' access to real information. But, then again, if people don't learn, maybe they won't see anything wrong with destroying ancient woodland or killing creatures for no good reason.  We'll all just go along with whatever we are told... won't we?

The protests and petitions being set up against all of these events are proof that people are not stupid.  We can see what is happening, and we will stand up to protect what is important whenever it is under threat.
Libraries should not be allowed to die.  Wildlife should be protected, not killed, and ancient forests should be left alone.

Let's keep standing up for what matters.


  1. It really upsets me to see the things the present government are doing to our country. When will they stop trying to save money by cutting back and selling off. I live in West Sussex and I adore the Downs, yet I hadn't realised this was happening.

  2. BTW - just saw picture of Maisie to my left and had to say how gorgeous she looks. A bundle of cuddles.

  3. Hear hear! What's the point in desperately trying to reduce the country's deficit if the result is having no COUNTRY at the end of it? Or rather, a country in which all the worthwhile, important things have been sold off, shut down or destroyed?