Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wintercraft Heads To Poland

Wintercraft celebrates a new book-birthday today.

The wardens' birds are settling over Poland as Wintercraft creeps onto the shelves for the first time.

I just want to say 'Witam' to any Polish readers, and if you would like to see the wonderful book trailer in Polish, you can watch it here!


  1. The trailer gives the book even more of a Gothic feel than I had realised.

  2. It is deliciously sinister.
    There's link to the English version underneath the Maisie picture, if you haven't seen it. (I love the warden and his lantern :) )

  3. Yesterday I read "Wintercraft" and I'm waiting impatiently for the second part! (I hope in Poland we won't wait to long :)) Great job, Jenna!

  4. Hi Ardad Lili,

    I'm glad you enjoyed Wintercraft!

    The next two books in the series will definitely be published in Poland, but I'm not sure when book 2 is coming out.

    Keep checking the blog and I will let you know when I find out.

    Best wishes!