Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bad News For Welsh Badgers...

Despite long-running oppostition from The Badger Trust, Save Me, animal charities and many other people who respect wildlife across the UK, the killing of badgers has now been given the go-ahead in Wales.

To say this news disappoints me would be an understatement.  A few months ago it appeared that the cull was not going to happen - now that seems to have been only a temporary reprieve.

I am appalled that badgers are being persecuted in this way.  They are are a protected species, yet it appears to have only required the say-so of one minister to sentence thousands of animals to death on very dubious grounds, which may actually make the problem it is meant to solve (the spread of bovine TB) worse.

The coalition government recently delayed their decision on whether or not to have an English badger cull, but following this news from Wales, I'm worried that traps and guns may also be out in force in England soon enough.

If you'd like to learn more, here are some useful links.
(These are all family-friendly links. No gruesomeness or graphic imagery.)

Pembrokeshire Against The Cull (Including addresses to write to)
RSPCA - Badgers & The Law
The Badger Trust
Stop The Cull
BBC video neatly summarising both sides of the argument.


  1. This is disappointing. I don't know what else to say. :(

  2. I thought the campaign here in Wales last year had put a stop to it. I'm gutted that it's now going ahead anyway.

  3. Hi Kath.
    I thought the campaign had worked too, but the cull is back.
    If you would like to make your feelings known, you can lobby the Welsh assembly by using the 'Pembrokeshire Against The Cull' link near the bottom of my post.
    The whole situation upsets and angers me. Culls are rarely justified, and this one is just wrong.