Sunday, 27 March 2011

Genre For Japan

Would you like the opportunity to bid on some fantastic sci-fi, horror and fantasy items in aid of a great cause?  Then read on...

A group of fabulous people have got together to create Genre For Japan: an online charity auction where all proceeds are donated to the Red Cross Tsunami Appeal to help the relief effort following Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

The lots include rare books, signed books, comic art, one of a kind items, story critiques, and you can even bid to have your name used as a character in a writer's next novel.  There are items from authors such as Will Hill, Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman, Peter V. Brett, and many more.

The website is well worth a browse and there is bound to be something you are interested in.

For Wintercraft readers, I've donated signed copies of Wintercraft and Wintercraft: Blackwatch - lot 119.  The starting price for the pair is just £5.00, so if you'd like your own signed copies (both paperback first editions) then please, get bidding!

The auctions begin on Monday 28th March and bidding closes on Sunday night.
Full details of how to bid can be found here.

Good luck if you do decide to take part, and let's hope lots of money is raised for this excellent cause.

The auction is now over!
The official total raised by all the lots comes to...  £11, 139.36!

Huge thanks to everyone who placed a bid!

Genre For Japan is organised by:
Amanda Rutter: reviewer and webmistress at Floor to Ceiling Books
Jenni Hill: editor for science fiction, fantasy and horror publishers Solaris Books
Louise Morgan: author and interviewer for the British Fantasy Society
Ro Smith: writer and reviewer; blogger at In Search of the Happiness Max
Alasdair Stuart is the editor of Hub magazine.

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