Monday, 4 July 2011

The Fourth Of July

Shadowcry has been out in the wild for just a couple of weeks now.  Huge thanks to everyone who has bought a copy and to all those who have emailed me to say hello. (I always reply to emails and it is lovely to hear from everyone.) 

If you have enjoyed the book, please go out and spread the word.  And if you haven't read it yet, Silas Dane is out there waiting for you to hunt him down...

Today is my birthday and, as promised, three copies of Shadowcry have been tamed and signed, ready to go out to the winners of my blog giveaway!

As a quick reminder... the top prize pack is:
  • A signed/dedicated hardback copy of Shadowcry.
  • A Scruffy Crow mug.
  • A Moleskine notebook with a crow cover design.
Two more names drawn will each win:
  • A signed/dedicated hardback copy of Shadowcry.

And the winners are...

The first name out of the hat, and winner of the top prize pack is: Sab H!

And the two signed copy winners are: Wendy Jo and Pearl!

Congratulations, everyone!
Please use the 'Email Jenna' button on the sidebar to let me know your details.

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway.  My dog, Nella, helped pick the winners out of the hat and she is keen to give it another go, so watch out for another Wintercraftian giveaway coming your way over the summer.

Bye for now!

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