Thursday, 25 August 2011

When Technology Goes Bad.

August.  The month technology turned against me.

I have had my share of typical technological troubles over the years (printers that regurgitate chewed up paper, that sort of thing) but this month, my electronic gremlins have upped their game and my writing space has come under all out attack.

Firstly, I was locked out of my email account thanks to hackers breaking their way in and using it for nefarious purposes.  I still haven't managed to fight my way back in, so if you have tried to contact me via the email button in the sidebar, I will not have received your message. (I've taken the email link down until I get things sorted out, but you can leave me a comment if you'd like to get in touch.)

Last week, my little laptop coughed out its last beep, despite being only 18 months old, and today the portable hard drive I use to store all of my work decided to corrupt without warning.  Fortunately, I make sure I have back ups of everything, so no real harm was done, but the drive is now useless.  (If you store anything on a computer, always make back ups, just in case the gremlins get you too.)

Technology and I are clearly not friends this month. 

Despite all of these shenanigans, I am about to finish edits of Wintercraft 3 - which I am very excited about! - and I am also working on something new... something that has been brewing here in my writing cave for a while.

Following my last blog post (and before my email troubles began) I've heard from lots of 'Crows' who are out there, lurking on the branches of the internet tree.  Fly well, my feathered friends.  I salute you all. ;)

For now, I have gremlins to tackle, a book to polish and exciting plans to concoct.

Until next time...


  1. D'ya know, I've been having similar problems myself, to the extent that I'm sure my version of Word needs to be exorcised or something... maybe it's just the month of August :)

  2. I'm sure computers have a mind of their own. Before my laptop died, it started typing streams of random letters into my open files and the only way to stop it was to turn the power off. Very strange. It has definitely been a weird month for electronics.

  3. Yes, mine (its a school computer that I own now) got rid of my files from this year and replaced them with last years files which happen to be fourth grade files. It happened to everyone in grade 5.