Monday, 31 October 2011

A Hallowe'en Visitor.

There's a mysterious visitor lurking in my house tonight...

Don't step too close now.

Saturday, 8 October 2011



October is once again living up to its reputation as my busiest month.  My desk is being overrun by the Blackwatch manuscript while I get it ready for America.  Its pages are jostling for space next to the first drafts of two new stories that I absolutely love, and I'm expecting the UK copy edits of Wintercraft 3 to arrive any day now.  I'm also catching up on blog requests, so I haven't had much time to write here.  But! I wanted to share two things with you today.

Number 1:

I've had lots of questions about Wintercraft 3.  Its title, release date, cover, etc. and I can officially announce that the third book in the Wintercraft series will be called Wintercraft: Legacy.   It will be unleashed on 10th May 2012 in the UK and Commonwealth countries, so if you haven't read Blackwatch yet, grab a copy from a friend and get ready for Legacy!

I can't reveal anything about the cover design because I haven't seen it myself yet (but from conversations I've had with my editor, it sounds very promising!) If you use Goodreads, you can find Legacy's page here, or if you use Amazon, seek it out here.

Number 2:

The second thing I want to share came to me from a reader in America.  Her name is Brittany, she's in the ninth grade, and she has sent me a fantastic drawing featuring the main characters who live in Kate and Silas's world.
Brittany has kindly allowed me to share her art with you, so here it is! (Click on the image for a closer look.)

I love Silas and his crow, and the dastardly Da'ru, complete with her green glass dagger.  They're all fantastic, and Kalen looks particulary gruesome, right after Edgar has delivered a bar stool to his face.
Thanks, Brittany!

If you'd like to send me any of your Wintercraftian pictures, you can email them to me, or post them to the address in my contact details and I'll feature some of my favourites here on the blog on the run up to Christmas.

Until next time... farewell.