Tuesday, 25 June 2013

American Book Birthday 2013

Happy Publication Day to Winterveil!

To all my friends who live in the US, you may notice a strapping new addition to the shelves in your local bookshop today. Winterveil is out and about, ready to charm you with its handsome cover and promise of adventure.

It is the third book in the Wintercraft series (called Wintercraft: Legacy in the UK and beyond) and the story carries on right where Blackwatch left off.  (So for those who have emailed over the past year, asking what happens next to Silas and Kate, now's your chance to find out!)

Speaking of which, one of the nicest parts of any publication day is opening up my email inbox to find messages waiting from fabulous readers.  I want to send HUGE thanks to everyone who sent me emails and Twitter messages today. It has made the day even more special and I'm replying to you all right now.

Blackwatch (book 2) is also out in paperback today, so if you haven't delved far into Kate Winters' world yet, you can catch up on the story that began in Shadowcry.  Writing this series has been an absolute pleasure (and seriously tricky at times! Silas Dane isn't a man to be corralled into a story very easily!) and I've loved sharing it with you all.

So, is this the end of the story?  For now, yes, but a certain file lurking on my computer suggests that the people of Albion may yet have more history to share. Right now, I'm living in three very different story worlds and trying to keep up with a host of new characters with their own hopes, fears and perilous lives.  I can't wait to introduce them to you all.

Today is Winterveil's day, but it also belongs to you, the readers, who have helped Silas and Kate's story come to life.  Crows, Wintercraftians and Silas lovers, I salute you.