Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Leaves, Candles & Hot Chocolate

I love November. Autumn's getting into full swing, the madness of December is just a dot on the horizon, and it's time to get comfy.

November has everything I like. Foggy mornings? Check. Reasons to wear big jumpers and over-sized cardigans? Check. Dark nights, leafy paths, and big fluffy slipper boots? All of the above.

I'll admit, I'm a leaf kicker. If there's a pile of blown leaves on the path, I'll kick through them with glee. It's time for proper milky hot chocolate, warm apple cake, homemade biscuits that are lovingly misshapen. Putting coats on the dogs, watching your breath twist away on a cold evening's walk in the dark, seeing the garden relaxing into its yearly sleep.

The winter birds are already making an appearance. There's a noisy robin vying for territory against a flock of goldfinches, and new blackbirds with Scandinavian accents are settling in. I've seen huge Vs of geese honking overhead at twilight, and a flock of crows flew by a few days ago, heading east. The skies are clear enough to see the stars at night, the moon has a frosty corona, and the local bats haven't quite gone into hibernation yet. It's just wonderful.

If I could pick my favourite month of the year, it would be this one. So, here's to you, my cosy, cuddlesome November. You're magnificent.