Thursday, 1 January 2015

Comfy January

January often feels like the miserable month. The grey, drizzly month of boring food, unkept promises and general gloom. This year, I want to cheer January up a bit.

Let's give January a big comfy jumper. Let's make it the hot chocolate month. The scented candle month. The month of good books, cake and cosiness. January has been overlooked for too long. It stands next to flashy present-giving sparkly-light wearing December, which is a ridiculously hard act to follow, so let's show January some long overdue love.

Soon, winter will be in full frost, so be good to yourself. Have big puddings and huge mugs of tea. Wear over-sized woolly socks and warm hats. Snuggle up with your pets and let the fresh new year sink in.

Let's make grumpy January a happy month. No diets and daftness, just crisp morning walks and warm dark nights. Let January wrap you in a cuddle this year. You deserve it.