Saturday, 2 July 2016

Hope is an Invisible Frog

My resident holly blue butterfly.
It's been a long time since I posted anything here, I know. Life has done its thing, twisted things up and dropped them back down in different, broken positions, but it's my birthday in a couple of days - a brand new year of life - and I'm looking to the future with cautious hope.

I'm not usually known for being an optimist. The grumpy soul within me can squeeze the downside out of pretty much everything, but I like to think that, rather than spreading optimism everywhere willy-nilly, I save it all up to spend on a few good things.

Like invisible frogs.

This is my garden pond.

The pond jungle.
It has five resident goldfish, some stealthy sticklebacks, and a gang of water snails who patrol the edges like a surly security crew. Every year, I wait for frogs. Every spring I hope that any floating mass might just - maybe, yes, no? - be frogspawn, and in summer I convince myself that every odd moment of water was caused by an elusive, unseen amphibian. Each year, the pond remains stubbornly frog-free.

Maybe the pond will never attract froggy passers-by. Maybe next year won't be better than this one. Maybe the world will continue on its downward spiral of negativity...

But no. This year, I'm going to look for the positives, the good things, the bright lights. The pond is already home to some pretty cool things. I've seen yellow and black dragonflies, stickleback fry, and there's a hoverfly that's so friendly, it will perch on your hand. The local birds use it as a bathing pool, the fish are getting fatter, and there are ladybirds everywhere this year - tiny dots of red wandering among the green. There's even a blue butterfly that visits the flowers on sunny days.

I'll keep on waiting and searching for that invisible frog, and one day, maybe it will show up. But there's lots of interesting things to see out there in the meantime.